Since purchasing on online is a visual process, images play a very important part. An item’s Attributes (features such as color and size) and Description provide helpful information to the buyer which is crucial for a purchase decision.

Items have to be mapped with the correct product as people navigate through the website and shop for items. Hence, this mapping is of importance to the seller as mapping to the correct product gives more visibility.


There are 7 primary reasons why an item can get rejected during quality check at Vconnect:

  • Attribute: If any attribute for the item is not correct item will be rejected. Remarks would contain list of all attributes that would need to be changed

  • Image: If any of the images for the item is not meeting the guidelines it will be rejected with details in remarks

  • Payment & Delivery Details: If price, commission or SLA is not as expected

  • Wrong Product: If item is mapped with wrong product type it would be rejected. For ex. If tablet was cataloged under mobile phones it would be rejected.

  • Product Description: If description for an item is not detailed enough or is misleading

  • Wrong Brand Name: If Brand name of the item is not correct

  • Duplicate Entry: If the same item has already been catalogued by the Seller