This means you need to update listings with required corrections before it could be put up on Vconnect.

There is a Rejected items section under Manage Store where all details can be found.




  • You can see the Rejected Reason in “Rejected For”

  • Detailed information on rejection is provided in “Remarks”

  • Item Name is linked and would take you to the item details from where changes can be made


  • Product/Service: You can change the product name by clicking on the required tags or category and then choosing the required Product/Service. You will be asked for confirmation. Attributes would be reset and you would need to enter Attribute values for the new product

  • Image: You can remove previous images by hovering your mouse over the image and clicking on the “x” button on the top right corner of the image. You can also add new images (up to 5 images).

  • Attributes, Description, Payment and Delivery Details: No restrictions will be provided on these. All details can be modified.

  • Duplicate Entry: If you accept that an item is indeed cataloged wrongly, you can delete the button in the “Payment and Delivery” Section. If you do not accept the rejected reason, resubmit with updated remarks.

  • Earlier Remarks: When resubmitting you can enter any remarks that can be viewed by Vconnect when approving the item. All the earlier remarks from Vconnect and the Seller would be available in this section