A lead (request or enquiry from a prospective customer) expires as a result of one or more of the following:

1. Timer ran out: When a lead comes in, it is valid for a number of hours as seen in the image below after which countdown ends and the lead expires.

When the timer expires, the lead is considered to have been consumed by your business and you will be charged for that lead. Therefore, you need to either accept or reject leads quickly.

If you cannot respond to leads for any reason, you can simply pause the lead service from the lead management section in your profile. This way, you do not get charged for expired leads.



2. Maximum number of responses reached: A user (the lead) is entitled to responses from a certain number of service pros. Once this number is reached, that is, the required number of service pros has accepted the lead, it expires.




3. User hires a pro: Once a user marks a service pro as hired, other pros will be unable to continue interacting with the user.