To get the most value from your business listing, you need to be the choice business that your prospective customers find irresistible and this can be achieved. Note the words ‘choice’ and ‘irresistible’.

Your Vconnect profile is much more than your online business profile where you list your business and simply wait for customers to find you and then somehow prefer to do business with you over another business offering similar services.

It’s an opportunity to distinct yourself from competing businesses and build your brand equity i.e building or increasing your perceived value by making your business memorable, superior and leave a lasting impression on customers , starting with their landing on your page and first interaction.


To achieve the results above, take note of the following;

Visibility: This is the first step, your customers need to find you first before they can reach out to you unless they already know you and search for your name directly, however, users search for a service more often than a particular business.To increase your chances of being found;

Ensure your keywords are relevant to your business and related to other keywords chosen, for example, fumigation is in no way related to landscaping. Read more on keywords here.
Ensure your location is accurate and all information is clear so customers can get a full overview. Do not leave users confused.


Appearance: First impression, they say lasts longer, however, an impressive profile lasts even longer. Your profile appearance is key to retaining users that land on your profile. Ensure your profile is visually appealing by completing your profile and adding clear quality images of your services or products.
Images will help to increase user’s interest so they reach out to you faster and a complete profile will prevent your profile from looking shabby.


Description: This shouldn’t be too lengthy nor scanty either. Make your description catchy, easy and a great read. Your description should prompt readers to want to do business with you over the other businesses offering similar services. Here, you can also add your current promos , limited offers etc or throw in a special discount for them if they make an enquiry.

This is a chance for you to connect with prospects before they even make that enquiry. You may even add short details of notable works you’ve done and who or what known company you did it for. Go ahead, sell your brand and keep in mind that people don’t buy the ‘what’ , they buy the ‘why’ and solutions not products.


Other Factors: This includes your ratings, reviews, updates and how active you are. All of these go a long way in your prospect's decision making process. Ensure you are active and update your profile often e.g with pictures, new offers etc.

This is because your prospects can see when last you updated and may not contact you if that was a long time ago or decide to go for a business whose last update was recent. Remember, to always ask your satisfied customers to rate and review your business so prospects can see these and want to do business with you too.