We get opt-ins (requests) from plenty businesses/service professionals who are looking for leads. It is very important that we ensure we vet them well before accepting their request. We do the following checks before making a business a VConnect trusted business:

  1. The business owner is a genuine person (we check his/her identity document)

  2. The business is genuine – we check CAC certificate or any other gov. issued document that proves the genuineness of the business. We also ask for bank account and business card of the business or its owner.

  3. Since most of the interaction between the user and the business happens online in Vconnect, we ensure the business is internet savvy: has online presence and a capability to manage online communications. We check its presence in Facebook, Instagram and check whether it has a website.

  4. Skill test: We seek reviews and ratings from the business’s old customers so that we know s/he is capable of providing good service. We delist the businesses with continuous bad ratings. We also ask business to upload pictures of his/her work so that users get to know more about it before making decision about it.