There is no exact and one perfect answer to this. We recommend you include the following points  in your first chat/talk or quotation to your lead:

  1. Introduce yourself and the business in one line (ask them to check your vconnect profile)

  2. Tell them you got the user's contact through Vconnect (if you not replying in vconnect dashboard chat)

  3. Tell them you saw the requirement posted by him/her and you can do what s/he is looking for very well (if that's the truth), else seek for more information (max 3 sentences)

  4. Tell them why you are the best business to tackle the users requirements (in max 5 sentences)

  5. Showcase your past work by sending max 3 photos.

  6. Give the price (if you have enough information), else give estimated average price and mention you need so and so information before you give final price.

  7. Ensure your price and proposal are very attractive to the customer so that s/he is ready to try your service

  8. Tell him/her you are going to call back later or s/he can call/message you at .......(give your number or alternative number)

Let us know in comment if you have any more points or better ideas. Or share the format of your first quote/message to the user.