The Omnibiz Order Management System is made up of the Store and Invoice Module. The store is used for setting up an organization’s billing and inventory system. The unit price of products and stock number of the available products are the primary information for setting up the store.


Key Benefits of Omnibiz Store

  1. It enables organizations to keep accurate product sales record

  2. It makes retrieval of sales information easy

  3. It holds the product price and supports the generation of the sales invoice

  4. It makes it easy to keep accurate stock of products. 

How to Set up Store

To Add product and price information, follow the steps below:

  1. First, locate Store from Order management dropdown menu in the dashboard options. From the Dashboard, click on the burger icon to display the modules

     2. Click on Order management 

     3. Click on Store

    4. A prompt will pop-up requesting you to Enable GPS Access to view customer pipeline, click Enable Access 

      5. The Store is displayed as shown below. To add a new product, click on the settings on the top right corner of the store page


    6. Click on View All/Update under Products to display more products 

     7. Click the +Add button to add products to the store or click the Edit button on the bottom right corner of a product of choice to edit that product’s details and click +stock to edit product stock.


     8. Enter required details for the new product to be added including photos (not exceeding specified size), price, description and click Add when done

     9. To edit a product, click on the Edit button as shown in the image (vii) Make the desired changes and click Update 



    10. To edit the product stock count, toggle on the stock button as shown in the image (vii) above. Input the current stock level and click Add 


Managing Payment Settings

  1. The payment method can be set and managed through the Manage Payments settings under store settings. Click on View All/Update to view more options. 

     2. Specify your preferred payment options with Manage Payments setting.


Location Tracking

  1. Manage Options under the Store settings provides options for toggling on/off the location tracking, price change, allowing of discount and allowing of VAT by clicking a slider bar.

Product Tags

Product Tags serves as a filter for grouping related products and services. 

  1. Click on the + Add New Tag button on the Store’s page to add new product tag

  1. Alternatively, clicking the page settings button displays the tag settings. Click on the View All/Update to display the product tags page. 

  1. Enter the preferred product tag on the product tags page and click Add Tag when done. To remove a tag, click on the x close to the product tag to remove the tag.