The Omnibiz users are administrators and team members that make up an organization’s workforce. Examples include the Chief Executive Officer, Sales Manager, Accountants, Social Media Managers, and sales executives.


How to add users and check activity

  1. First, access the Users Page by clicking on the burger icon on the Dashboard to display the app menu


      2. Click on Settings to display the Settings options

       3. Click on Users to add new users or view existing users

       4. Click on the +Add icon at the bottom right corner of the users’ page to add a new user


       5. Complete the new user fields, assign a role to the new user and click Add User 

How to view and manage users details


  1. The Users page displays each user’s role, the number of customers assigned to a user and the last activity date. Click on View icon under a user to view the user details.

       2. The user page displays the contact details and role of the selected user



      3. Click on the Edit icon at the bottom of a user setting page to edit the user details


       4. Make the required changes and click Update User 


        5. Click on the Remove icon at the bottom of a selected user to delete the user


        6. Enter search keywords into the search box to filter users or click on the sort icon at the right end of the search box to sort the users