Time management is a major concern when promoting products and services on the internet. Online marketing involves a number of processes, they include:

  • creating online accounts on social media platforms and business directories, 

  • creating and posting content on multiple platforms/accounts, 

  • engaging with customers and prospects on different platforms 

  • monitoring engagement and results

Replicating the above process on multiple platforms is demanding and time-consuming. The Omnibiz Listing feature helps business owners save time and money by enabling them to manage their Vconnect, Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business accounts from a central location. This includes the ability to publish posts and offers on all four platforms at the same time.

How to Set up Listings

How to connect social media pages, create a Gooogle My Business(GMB) profile and make posts.  All with screenshots.

  • First, access Presence management by clicking on the App menu icon on the dashboard to display the page options

  • Click on Settings to display the Settings options

  • Click on Listings to access the available listing options

The listings page displays your online presence and mediums for increasing brand visibility through your website and social media platforms. Click on Connect Now button to link your website and social media accounts

  • Click the options button  on the app menu at top of the listing of choice to view options

To create an update on your listings, click on create an update, the Create update form is displayed. Provide the update summary, upload the update photo and use the Publish on the checkbox to select the platforms you want to publish the update on. Click the Publish button when done

To create an offer, click on Create Offering. Provide the offer Title, upload the offer image, select product category and location, set the product price and use the Publish on the checkbox to select the platforms you want to publish the offer on. Click Publish when done